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  • August 2013 Visit to Maastricht. This map greeted us at the airport bus stop.


    Beautiful place, full of contented Dutch people whizzing around on their bikes with dogs, babies, small children attached. The historical centre was immaculate, with restored streets and evidence of old shop businesses:


    Went to the Museum of Modern Art (last day of the current show - so was free, and packed) and this was probably my favourite from the Russian Art touring show by Nikolai Roerich. 


    Took also some surface shots of worn old buildings, might be useful in future. 

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    At last! I have visited Borth in West Wales. This visit has been long awaited.

    My latest work is centred around the concept of the 'Wilderness Picturesque' and Hafod (mentioned in the book 'The Romantic Moderns' - visit by artist John Piper) was the main reason for this reccie. The Hafod Estate was a stately home and gardens, now the house has been demolished, and the estate is maintained by the Forestry Commission. (See http://www.hafod.org and thanks to the Hafod Trust for allowing this use of their image).  

    The original creators of Hafod, however went to some lengths to accentuate the picturesque beauty of the many, surroundings waterfalls by altering the channels and pools. They even went to the effort of cutting through rock to make a tunnel in order to view a waterfall on the other side. Even on the hotest day in Wales this was spectacular, and I took several pinhole negatives with both medium format and my 5 x 4 inch camera. The best 5 4 pInhole exposure was 8.5 minutes, a record for me (on ILFORD FP4 film). 

    Overall aim? To return and complete more of the 'Gentleman's Walk' and see what the opportunities are for exhibiting this work, with other historical picturesque locations in mind. 


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New Blood July 2013

This was my first visit to New Blood in Spitalfields for the Design Graduate Show. I normally visit the Truman Brewery Shows, but have to say I was impressed. Would like to add some of my favourite student cards and work here - and I have never met such keen and enthusiastic graduates.


I hope that you all find work in the future. 

Illustrations by www.lizziebass.co.uk


'Untitled' Photograph by www.williamlakin.com

'Gathering of Seafaring Characters'

Illustration by www.lucy.wooler@live.com


The blog begins..!

Weds 29 May.

Thought that I would start off with a clip from the beginning of 'Ways of Seeing'.